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My artist name is Sephy. I’m a 29-year-old French designer born in Annecy.
Ever since I was a young boy, I explored every corner of my creative mind creating funny things. For instance, I invented new worlds in my notebooks and with my LEGOs, I spent 1000 hours on the level editor of the game Age of Empires II, I used the Monopoly board to design a new game with over 200 vehicules and I also improvised video game melodies on my mother’s piano inspired by Nobuo Uematsu.
I eventually started studying economy before changing orientation and getting back to the fields where I always belonged: applied art.

I’ve been a versatile 2D designer for almost 8 years at ANKAMA Studio which is a video game publisher, a publishing company and animation studio.

I participated in several projects of the company, especially developing visual assets, doing pre-production, graphic consulting and sometimes even production. The projects included WAKFU the MMORPG, WAKFU the series, WAKFU the Trading Card Game, Gobbowl, ABRACA or the SD animated series WAKFU-mini, mini-DOFUS and MAXImini.

My job consists in designing graphics assets — characters, backgrounds, user interface, items, icons or visual identity for video games or animated films which are quite original, fresh and fun just like the worlds in which I developed my know-how. I can also do concept arts, illustrations, speed-paintings or any other type of visuals.

I’m a perfectionist who enjoys working in a team. I’m also quite curious and interested in the technical processes used to optimize and simplify the production.

As a freelancer, I like to work on different projects and new challenges which can be rather different from what I do at work. Recently, I directed two channel ID for the FRANCE3 youth program and a personal short animated series. Besides, I teach digital-painting, concept art and pre-production at the ECV school (Bordeaux, Lille). Lastly, I work hard to create and develop my own worlds: Rominette, RomikaKitschLand and BOX.


+++  Art direction, graphic design, pre-production, visual development, vector art, speed-painting, background art, user interface design,
+++  Concept art, illustration, compositing, characters design, filmmaking, web-design, photography, Responsive web-design, ergonomy, Zbrush modeling,
+++  Flash animation, logo design, story-board,


+++  Flash, Photoshop,
+++  After Effects, SketchUp, Zbrush, KeyShot, Cubase,
+++  3DS Max, Illustrator, OpenCanvas, Alchemy, Harmony,


+++ WordPress, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap (Responsive Web Design),
+++ AS2/AS3, javascript, PHP, jquery,


2000-2003: • BAC ES option ES — mention AB
French baccalaureate with major in economy,
| Lycée Berthollet — Annecy (74) – www
2003-2004: • Mise à Niveau en Arts Appliqués — M.A.N.A.A
Formation to Applied Arts,
| Lycée Léonard de Vinci —Villefontaine (38) – www
2004-2006: • BTS Communication Visuelle — option mutimédia
French two-year diploma in Visual Communication — multimedia option, advertising, art history, web and logo design,
| Lycée Léonard de Vinci — Villefontaine (38) – www
2006-2007: • DMA Cinéma d’Animation
French two-year diploma in Animated Cinema,
Participation to the animated chain of the E-magiciens and to Canal J’s new talent in animation contest,
| E.S.A.A.T : Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués et de Textiles — Roubaix (59) – www

PRO / Work:



 Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Background and Concept artist

Various projects I have worked on so far:


Wakfu logo WAKFU MMORPG — tactical Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game:
• Two years+ of work on the video game graphics (6 months as co-team leader),
• Design of isometric pieces of background,
• Design of sets and weapons,
• Design of various items and icons,
• Punctual concept art,
• Punctual level-building,
WAKFU the series — animated series 52 x 26′ :
• Background artist on the short animated pilot ‘Goultard le Barbare‘,
• SEASON 1: Background artist for episodes 4 ‘Miss Moches‘ and 5 ‘Les 5 magnifiques‘,
• SEASON 2: Concept art backgrounds for episodes 1 to 4,
WAFKU TCG — Trading Card Game :
• More than 15 card illustrations,
• Art direction for backgrounds of item cards,
• Designed the graphic chart of the Day 1 event,
mini-WAKFU WAKFU-mini — SD animated series – 27 x 1′ :
• Pre-production of the series at Ankama Tokyo (1 month),
• Co-author graphic bible,
• Co-art directing with Fabrice NZINZI for backgrounds and props,
• Script writing for episode 21 ‘Corbacatac’,
mini-DOFUS  DOFUS-mini — Platform game and short animated pilot of 2’30” :
• Pre-production and co-art directing with Fabrice NZINZI for backgrounds and user interface,
• Level-design,
MAXImini MAXImini — Transmedia project :
• Co-author graphic bible,
Episode 1: Two months of work on the experimental transmedia project of the company – including magazine article, interactive comics, video game, short animated film of 8’00”, mainly for backgrounds,
Episode 2: Chara-designer and UI artist on the Shoot’Em’Up game ; background director on the short animated film of 8’00”,
Episode 3: Chara-designer and UI artist on the Run platform game ; first part’s story-board and background director on the short animated film of 8’00”,
 Boufbowl BOUFBOWL — Tactical turn-based sport simulation on browser game:
• Graphics consulting with Fabrice NZINZI for backgrounds and user interface,
• Modeling and texturing 3D low poly,
• Concept arts,
• Game pre-production,
 / ABRACA —  Party game:
• Game pre-production: concept arts, backgrounds, character-design and user interface,
• Illustrations of spell cards (100+),
• Illustrations of god characters,
• Character-design (150+ sprites),
 /  Misc:
• Punctual concept art for the following projects: Island of WAKFU, DOFUS 2.0, FREAKS’ SQUEELE’s pilot, DOFUS the series,
• Creation of the Ankama Convention Posters #2 + #3, #4, #5, #6, Ankama FanFest together with Fabrice NZINZI.



•  I worked on miscellaneous projects ; 50+ freelance missions in 8 years, mainly for video game and animation with clients as Ankama, Tokkun Studio, Multimédia France Productions (for FRANCE 3, FRANCE 4, FRANCE Ô), Digiblur, Supamonks, Subgraph, E.C.V, ArtsuneJe rêve et je fais, Atlantiz Park. More details SOON.



BOX Office — Animated series about stories with cubes co-created with Fafah TOGORA:
5×1’40″ (episode 6 soon available) — Youtube , also broadcasted on FR4.

■ Romika — Short 3D teaser.

Rominette — Visual development for a personal TV series project.

KitschLand  — Visual development of a personal project.




• Photos — PENTAX K-200, CANON 7D,
• Piano — polyphonic musical improvisations,
• Sport — collective sports,
• Cinema, video games, mangas, speed-painting, hike,


• CANADA — Winnipeg,
• NETHERLANDS  — Amsterdam,
• SPAIN —  Barcelona,

• ITALY — Pisa, Florence,
• SPAIN — Barcelona, Torredembarra,
COLOMBIA — San Gil, Barichara, Bucaramanga, Bogotá,
CHINA —  Hong-Kong (香港),  Shenzhen (深圳) , Guangzhou (廣州),
PORTUGAL — Tróia, Lisbon,
• NETHERLANDS  — Amsterdam, Den Haag,
• GERMANY  — Hamburg,
• CANADA  — Montreal,

• SWITZERLAND —  Lausanne,
JAPAN — Tokyo,